FEFB Intercercles – Round 2

Europchess 1 keeps shape and Europchess 2 strikes back.

On 5 May Europchess played in Liège the second round of the Francophone Intercercles championship of 2013.

Europchess 1 met Hervé 1 and Philipville 1.

Pere (Europchess 1 board 2)  with white faced David Malchair (ELO 1878) from Hervé 1 a good positional player with strong ending skills. Pere got a slight advantage with the bishop pair after exchanging queens but his opponent found a forced line to exchange a pair of bishops. Pere got a passed pawn blocked by a knight but he miscalculated that he would be able to remove the blocker. He exchanged the passed pawn to get an open position with a more active king but David managed to build a fortress and forced to repeat moves. (1/2-1/2)

Ismo (Europchess 1 board 3) with black met Stephane Lauwaet (ELO 1833) from Hervé 1, who is certainly much stronger player than what his rating indicates. Black gained some initiative and a bishop pair and converted his small advantage to a won pawn and a passed pawn at a2. Unfortunately, black thought that 2 variations lead to a win, choosing the wrong one that allowed white some tactics to sacrifice his knight for the pawn. The remaining endgame of pawns with black a bishop up was only a draw as only the h-pawn would have remained with the wrong bishop. A bitter disappointment.

Georgi Tomov (Europchess 1 board 1) had a good game with Black against the young FM François Godart (FIDE 2368). Players left theory very early with White giving up a pawn to advance in the centre. Black took over the initiative with some daring play against the exposed White’s Queen. The game should have ended with a mating attack on White’s King but Black missed a forced win. White tried to escape in a depressing endgame but some further inaccuracies in time trouble cost him the point.

Finally, Johannes (Europchess 1 board 4) played with white against Patrick Wautelet (ELO 1847). After following opening theory until move 19, Johannes had an advantage, based on a passed pawn, whereas Black’s pawn structure was shattered. Shortly before time control though, Johannes unfortunately made some imprecise moves and allowed his opponent to win back two minor pieces against a rook. The resulting rook endgame was won for Black, and Wautelet pocketed the full point resulting in Europchess 1 getting 2 points out of 4.

Europchess 1 is now fifth in division 2A. Although difficult the first position is still achievable as only two points separate the team from the leadership position.

The Swiss system in division 3A together with the modest results of Europchess 2 in the first round brought  Caissa Europe 2 and Fontaine-L’Evêque  behind the team.

Luis C. (Europchess 2 board 3) with white challenged the 13-year-old Sergey Remy (ELO 1184) from Fontaine-L’Evêque. In a very quick game Luis gained the centre and launched an aggressive attack that kept the King in the middle. In a tactic his opponent was obliged to give the Queen as the sole legal move. The match continued until the superiority of the Queen made evident that more material losses were to take place with mate in the following moves and his opponent resigned resulting in the first point for Europchess 2

Vladymyr (Europchess 2 board 4) was next to finish, playing with black against unrated 11 years old Colin Eperjessy from Caissa Europe 2. After a cautious opening, he managed to get a material and positional advantage, before his young opponent started to align several mistakes. The game became much easier and Blacks gained the point without real difficulty.

Luis Parreira (Europchess 2 board 1) confirmed with white against Jerome Dufour (ELO 1468) from Caissa Europe 2 the good track. After a typical opening, Luis sacrificed a knight in f6 destroying black pawn structure on the king side. Multiple threads made black not have much margin for manoeuvres and to avoid check-mate his opponent had to give back the piece and loose a second one resulting in an end-game were Luis got the third point for the team.

Finally Edit (Europchess 2 board 2) with black fought against Gerald Polome (ELO 1178) from Fontaine-L’Evêque. Although the opponent’s board arrived with a 15 minutes delay, which was subtracted from the clock, Edit had to face time troubles with 12 moves to go and 4 minutes on the clock. Fortunately, white miscalculated the sacrifice of his bishop, followed by the loss of the exchange and the Queens simplification. With two minutes to go for Edit, the 40 moves were accomplished and only pawns and Edit’s rook remained on the board. His opponent resigned bringing 4 out of 4 points for Europchess 2 which is now second in Division 3A at 0,5 points from the first and meaning tougher rivals for the third round.

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