Interclubs 2012-2013 – Round 11

Round 11 report: Europchess 3 clinches first place!

Europchess 3 secured first place in Division 5F with a 3-1 win over Wavre 4 in the final round of the Belgian Interclubs championship, and thus it achieved its goal of moving up to the fourth division. The fourth team ended a good season with a 4-0 victory over Fontaine 7. On the other hand, Europchess 2 lost against overwhelming favourites Fontaine 2, and the first team succumbed to a heavy defeat against surprise package Geel 1.

Geel 1 stronger than Europchess 1

Europchess 1 had a miserable day against the up-and-coming team of Geel 1 and the heavy 2,5-5,5 loss  consigned them to sixth place in the final standing in Division 2A.

The match started quite well wit a swift White victory of Georgi Tomov on board 3 against Sander VandeVenne (2150). Georgi sacrificed a pawn and then a piece to play for an attack, and when Black tried to keep his material advantage, he overlooked that his Queen got trapped.

Unfortunately, this early victory turned out to be the only full point for our team in the match. On board 1, Tom Wiley got a promising position in the opening with White playing on the dark squares. However, Eddy van Beers (2352) took advantage of a premature swap of the bishops, destroyed Tom’s right to castle and then converted his advantage to a full point as White’s coordination of pieces was hampered.

Europchess 1 (boards 1 to 4)

Timothy Binham on board 2 got a rather passive position with Black against Andy Ooms (2260). His opponent skillfully increased the pressure on Tim’s pawn weaknesses, gaining material and the game in the run-up to move 40.

On board 4, Svetlozar Andreev misplayed the opening and got into a difficult position but then defended well with Black against Wim Luyckx (2140). In the middlegame, White managed to obtain a passed pawn on c7, but when Svet eliminated that danger, the worst was already behind him and the game was soon drawn.

Playing White on board 5, Frank Hoffmeister accepted a gambit from Mathias Philipsen (2102), but gave the pawn back to get the bishop pair. However, his opponent played very accurately and could have even taken the advantage before the time control. After Black missed his chance, Frank improved the position of his King position and the game petered out to a draw.

Another half point was added by Jozsef Barta on board 6, who showed great tenacity to hold a tough Knight ending a pawn down with Black against Hanne Goossens (2039), who was member of the Belgian Women’s Olympic team in Istanbul.

Europchess 1 (boards 5 to 8)

That was all the team could muster on the day though as our boards 7 and 8 gave in to the pressure from their young opponents. Pere Moles Palleja got an interesting attacking position with White on board 7 against Kadir Nohut (2038) but his castling long  gave Black a clear target  that was well exploited.

Pierre Fogel lost a pawn right after the opening to Nicolas Marx (2037) with Black and tried hard to defend a difficult rook ending but in the end White managed to execute his plan of advancing the   queenside pawns, which proved unstoppable.

Division champion Fontaine 2 gives Europchess 2 a hard day

Europchess 2 had already secured their place in third division before the final match of the season against Fontaine 2 and the lack of motivation translated into a heavy 1-5 defeat from the hands of the new champions of Division 3C.

John Riksten held a draw with White on board 1 against Alexandre Platel (2251). Black felt uncomfortable after the opening and accepted John’s tactical offer on move 11.

Europchess 2 (boards 1 to 3)

On board 4, Jesper Abrahamsen also secured a good draw with Black against Christian Kieffer (2151). Jesper had equalised easily after the opening and even won the exchange. However, given the big rating difference, he accepted the draw offer of his opponent.

All the other games were lost, though. On board 6, Inaki Arevalo with Black got in trouble against Renaud Barreau (1888), who organised a strong king’s attack. White won a number of pawns on the way and converted his material advantage in the ending easily.

On board 2, Kristian Frederiksen with Black gave up his entire queenside and an exchange for prospects for an attack against Jean Herman (2153). His risky strategy could have worked but he let his one chance  slip away and the game could not be held anymore.

Europchess 2 (boards 4 to 6)

On board 3, Mattias Johannson fought long and hard against Xavier Mastalerz (2151) but miscalculated in a drawish ending.  Similarly, Ventislav Petrov on board 5 got outplayed in a bishop-versus-knight ending by Julien Russo (2084).

Europchess 3 wins Division 5F in style

Europchess 3 crowned an excellent season with a convincing 3-1 win over Wavre 4 and finished first in a tight race in Division 5F.

Given the high stakes, José María Ramos Florido had the intention to play calmly against Heribert Poth (1463) on first board but when presented the chance, he did not hesitate to sacrifice two pawns, take the initiative and win quickly in 23 moves.

That settled everyone’s nerves and Luis Busquets quickly followed the good example of José Maria by crashing through all resistance of Willy Verhoeven (NC) on board 4.

Then it was the turn of Serge Le Gal to secure match victory and the championship with Black on second board. He patiently overcame Xavier Stevenne (NC) with a solid opening and crystal-clear positional style.

The Champions - Europchess 3

In the meantime, Vladymyr Dedobbeleer got into a bad position against David Marichal (NC) with White after an adventurous sacrifice. His opponent only just made it to the time control, but that was still sufficient to claim a consolation point for the visiting team.

Europchess 4 disposes of Fontaine 7

What Fontaine 2 did to Europchess 2, Europchess 4 returned to Fontaine 7. Our team managed to produce a clean sweep with neat wins of Sergio Serrano Samper in positional style with White over Pierre Loes (1508), Piotr Rapacz with Black over Italo Russo (1383) thanks to better piece play, Benjamin Mussal with a nice King’s attack over Gerald Polome (1170) and Bruno Gatta taking away material from the young Kevin Goffin (1160). A very good fourth place in the final ranking in Division 5L gives taste for more next season!

Europchess 4

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