Interclubs 2012-2013 – Round 10

Round 10 report: Europchess in full swing

Round 10 of the Belgian Interclub championships proved successful for Europchess as the second team took an important match point in their 3-3 tie with higher-rated Boitsfort 1 and all three other teams scored comfortable victories.

Europchess 1 outplay Charleroi 2

Europchess 1 scored a convincing 5.5-2.5 win over Charleroi 2 and kept chances for a top three finish before the last round in Division 2A. Our team took an early lead, as it became clear that the opponent of Svetlozar Andreev on board 4 would not show up, and the match was effectively decided with victories on boards 5 to 7.

On board 5, Jozsef Barta, playing with White against Jean-Claude Gilles (1995), used the tactical subtleties of the position to create a strong passed pawn on e6. He then aptly exchanged pieces and in the ending the pawn marched through with the help of the remaining rook.

Pere Moles Palleja followed suit with Black on board 6. He first took a pawn from Santiago Gregorio (1861) and then pocketed very cleverly a second one, which proved decisive in the endgame.

On board 7, Pierre Fogel with White outplayed Bernard Leloutre (1824) in a complicated middle game. Pierre took advantage of the loose Black pieces, gained material and converted convincingly.

The loss of Tom Wiley on board 1 to the former Belgian champion, IM Bruno Laurent (2339), was only a temporary setback. Tom had built a promising position with White, but instead of playing for attack with a pawn down, he allowed Black to create counter-play that proved deadly.

However, Timothy Binham sealed the match with a nice Black win over Julien Sclacmender (2234).  A mistimed aggression from White on the kingside allowed for a breakthrough on the queenside. White tried to limit the losses by ditching the c-pawn but that allowed Black to infiltrate with the heavy pieces through the open c-file.

Ventsislav Petrov put up strong resistance on board 8 with Black against Francois Garcia-Hernando (1802). After the exchange of heavy pieces, Ventsislav found himself in a difficult ending with his Knight dominated by the opponent’s Bishop. Black invested well his time and found a safe drawing line, where the remaining h-pawn was of no avail to White who was left with the “wrong” bishop.

In the last game to finish, Georgi Tomov lost on Board 3 with White against Alain Fayard (2223). Georgi got good chances when his opponent offered a pawn and failed to follow up with a spectacular rook sacrifice that would have forced a perpetual. Then, however, things went downhill as White forced an unfortunate series of exchanges that got him ultimately into a miserable Queen’s endgame.

Europchess 2 reach safe harbor against Boitsfort 1

Europchess 2 had the tall order of taking points from the second-ranked team in division 3C, Boitsfort 1, in the fight to avoid relegation, but lived up to the challenge and secured a 3-3 draw.

It all started well with an early Black win of Mattias Johansson on board 6 over the young substitute player Teodor Dontchev (1513). Mattias placed his light-square Bishop on the long diagonal and opened lines for his rooks, which generated a deadly attack against White’s King.

On board 5, Kristian Pade Frederiksen drew with White against the experienced Eric van Uytven (2165), when Black repeated moves fearing Kristian’s dangerous attacking bishop on d3.

Things then heated up on the first two boards just before the time control. Playing White on board 1, Frank Hoffmeister had a decent game against IM Bruno Carlier (2393). The titled player pushed for a win, but had to accept a repetition of moves as Frank saw a correct knight sacrifice, taking advantage of the insecure position of Black’s king in the centre of the board.

Frank forced the draw, as he was aware that his teammate John Riksten was a piece up in a rook ending against Thierry van Houtte (2249) on board 2. John had suffered a bit in the opening, but tenacious defense kept him in the game, and in time trouble White blundered a piece. After the time control, John took his time to find the right winning plan, clinching the full point.

This brought the match to a draw, as Luis Parreira on board 4 had to give in against Mourad de Villers (2209) and Johannes Bertram was unlucky to lose on board 3 against Bruno Lacroix (2220) in a rook ending, which looked drawish for a long time.

The draw means Europchess 2 will stay in third division, as in all scenarios for the results of the last round there will always be at least two teams behind us.

Europchess 3 keep their nose in front in sprint for the title

After their defeat in Round 9, Europchess 3 had no right to make mistakes against tail-enders La Louviere 2 in order to keep the first place in the division, and they rose to the challenge with a 3-1 overall victory.

Luis Busquets scored a convincing win with Black against Jacques Maesfranckx (1153). Luis won some material early on and exchanged the Queens to deny his opponent any chances for a comeback (1-0).

Serge Le Gal, playing Black on board 2 against Peppino Giansante (1572), and Vladymyr Dedobbeleer, on board 3 with White against Steve Lecomte (1314), accepted the draw offers of their counterparts who played solidly despite their lower ELO ratings. As the outcome of the two games was uncertain and the remaining game looked to go in our favour, the proposal looked good enough to take.

Indeed, on first board Jose Maria Ramos Florido rounded up the victory with White against Francesco Carella (1580). Although a bit short on time, José Maria led well the attack on the king side and brought home the point. As a result, Europchess 3 is just a match win away from clinching the title in Division 5F.

Europchess 4 ease past Boitsfort 4

Europchess 4 defeated Boitsfort 4 by 3.5-0.5 and firmly established themselves in the upper half of Division 5L.

Sergio Serrano Samper drew a balanced game on Board 1 with White against Yves van Moel (1482). But Bruno Gatta scored the full point on board four against Peter Nagy (1150) with Black. He snatched an important centre pawn in the opening, survived White’s pressure on the kingside and converted his material advantage by promoting the passed a-pawn.

On board 3, Paris Sansoglou played a nice game with White against Michel Heynsmans (1445). Paris castled on the queenside and Black tried to open lines against his king. However, the material sacrifices were not justified, giving Paris the full point.

Similarly, Jeremy Rand showed good chess against Patrick de Ridder (1474) on second board with Black. In a blocked position, he established a powerful knight on d3, annoying White’s coordination. In the transition to the ending, Jeremy got a clear advantage, and finally his opponent even blundered a mate.

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