Interclubs 2012-2013 – Round 8

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Round 8 report: Tough matches with Namur, Mechelen and Ganshoren

In Round 8 at home, Europchess 1 drew in a hard fought match with Namur 1, while the third team scored a convincing win against Namur 6. Europchess 2 and 4 lost against strongly lined up Mechelen and Ganshoren, respectively. Europchess 3 continues to lead Division 5 F.

Europchess 1 gets a fighting draw against Namur 1

Europchess 1 tied their match at home against the strong team of Namur 1 and finds itself in the middle of Division 2A. It was a decent effort for Europchess as two regular players fell ill and had to miss out the match which raised the pressure on lower boards.

On second board, Timothy Binham with Black surprised the well prepared Marc Geenen (2263) with a novelty in a theory-heavy line. White avoided tactical complications and settled for a tiny positional plus. As this was, however, not enough to push for a win, the two players settled for an early draw.

Jozsef Barta, on board 5, then outplayed Maxime Marie (2192) with White, refuting a premature attack on the kingside. With precise play Jozsef gained two pawns, forced the exchange of queens and converted his material advantage by pushing his passed g-pawn.

On board 7, Jesper Abrahamsen with White withstood for some time the pressure coming from the much higher-rated Ivan Werner (2083). In the end, however, Black’s pieces became too active: 1,5-1,5.

Three draws followed from Tom Wiley on first board with White against Julien Laurent (2301), Frank Hoffmeister on board 4 with Black against Luc Henris (2219) and Pierre Fogel with Black on Board 6 against Philippe Uhoda (2122). Tom had gained a comfortable middlegame position, but just before the time control the position turned slightly worse. In the subsequent rook ending he didn’t have real problems holding the draw.

Similarly, Frank struggled a bit with a solid but passive position in a queenless middlegame. Simplifications, however, led to a clear draw. Pierre navigated well through a complicated middlegame and gained some advantage but after major exchanges another drawn rook ending appeared on the board.

With the match poised at 3-3, things went wrong when José Maria Ramos Florido had to resign with Black against Thierry Verspecht (2062). José Maria played actively in a sharp middlegame but with time running out he failed to stop the march of the White passed d-pawn up to d7.

Fortunately, Georgi Tomov equalised the score with a White win against Eric Denayer (2244). Georgi gained space in the opening but this didn’t amount to much and only after a series of mutual errors in time trouble he got winning chances in a light-piece ending where he showed fine technique.

Strong Mechelen 1 outplays Europchess 2

Europchess 2 lost to a determined Mechelen 1 team in Division 3C and will have to keep fighting hard to stay out of danger of relegation.

The opponents arrived with their strongest line-up so far during the season, averaging ELO 2022. Nevertheless, we started well with Mattias Johansson winning a piece after 10 moves with Black on board 6 against Yves Cornille (1937)! A few moves later he pocketed another exchange, leading to an advantage of a full rook. 1-0.

Things took a turn for the worse when Luis Parreira underestimated the advance of White’s pawns on the queenside in his game against Koen Van Vlanderen (1997). This cost him first material and then the game. Kristian Pade Frederiksen with White on board 5 allowed his opponent to start an attack against his castled king which was weakened with the move h4. That proved to be too strong. 1-2.

Johannes Bertram on board 3 spent a lot of time looking for an advantage with White against Olaf Cliteur (2005) but he could not gain anything. Black organized an attack on the king, and being short on time, Johannes could not survive the assault. 1-3.

On boards 1 and 2 Eduardo Semanat Planas and John Riksten made two draws. Eduardo came under pressure in the middlegame with White against Jan Gooris (2138), but hung on to take the half point. John sacrificed an exchange with Black against Gerrit Visser (2065) and got a blocked pawn structure where White could not make much progress.

Europchess 3 prevails over Namur 6

Europchess 3 won convincingly against Namur 6 despite being weakened by absences and this victory consolidates further the team’s leading position in division 5F.

José Maria Ramos Florido had to play for the first team and this led to some last-minute changes in the line-up. The young Kalojan Hoffmeister joined the team on board 4 but overlooked the loss of a pawn in the opening against Roland Mariavelle (1436) and despite fierce resistance succumbed to a defeat.

However, Namur 6 had line-up problems of their own and forfeited the game on third board. On board 1 Serge Le Gal won against Alfred Mathieu (1736) with White in a nice final offensive. This meant an overall victory due to the forfeit on Board 3 but Vladymyr Dedobbeleer made things more convincing with a victory over Stephane Englebert (1709) with Black. Vladymyr managed to gain a pawn early on and, when he neutralised White’s pressure, his pawns’ majority secured the win.

Europchess 4 receives a lesson from Ganshoren 1

The team “Excelsior 2″ is in fact the first team from Ganshoren, and with an average strength of 1787, they proved their class against Europchess 4. Our team suffered a heavy defeat, but still holds comfortable position in the middle of the ranking in Division 5L.

On board 1, Christian Vasile Bonciog (1966) won a piece against Benjamin Musall in a complicated opening. Benjamin resisted well and kept the position blocked for a long time but Black still found a breakthrough: 0-1.

Similarly, Paris Sansoglou had a hard time with Black against Luc Lambert (1849). In a lively game, Paris put up some tactical play, but in the end White kept the upper hand.

On board 4, Nikolaj Abrahamsen faced the experienced Nica Radu-Catalin (1525) with White. Nikolaj came well out of the opening but got under pressure in the middlegame and lost.

In this tough match situation, Bruno Gatta managed to save the honour of the team by getting a draw against Didier Lemaitre (1822). Despite the big rating handicap, Bruno fought hard to get an opposite-colour bishop ending a pawn up which might have even held some promise for a full point.

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