Interclubs 2012-2013 – Round 6

Round 6: Mixed end of the year

In what can be called a Christmas gift, Europchess 1 gave the two match points to TSM 1 by losing 3.5-4.5. This prematurely buried the quest for the title in Division 2 A. In return, the other three teams sent their competitors from Brussels Chess Club back home with almost empty bags. E 2 gained two important points (4-2), E 3 drew (2-2) and E 4 won convincingly (4-0).

Disappointing loss for Europchess 1 against TSM 1

Although our team was on average 100 ELO points stronger, we suffered a disappointing loss against the newcomer in Division 2 A, TSM 1. The unfortunate course of event started, when Eduardo Semanat Planas ran into a king’s attack from Dries Janssens (1979) on board 6. Eduardo had easily equalized the opening with Black and taken two pawns, but then missed a hidden White resource leading to a forced mate on a7: 0-1. The same fate reached Jozsef Barta on board 7 soon thereafter. Jozsef had a nice attacking position with White after the opening against Jan Deweerdt (1967). However, he overlooked a tactical finesse and Black’s heavy pieces invaded White’s position. His opponent then took away all remaining chances by giving back previously gained material and converting into a won pawn ending: 0-2. On board 1, though, Timothy Binham scored the full point against Matthias De Wachter (2318) in a curious way. His opponent took 1 h 50 minutes for the first 10 moves to come up with an opening novelty that he calculated over the board! While the idea was certainly interesting, this was a recipe for disaster as in the remaining time Tim outplayed him in a tactical skirmish, winning a piece and the game: 1-2. Carl Buhr on board two gained a half point from Marc Boeykens (2222) with Black. After a rather calm opening the balance was broken in the middlegame, Carl had a bishop pair against a rook and three pawns. Draw was agreed in an unclear position when White forced the repetition of moves. Similarly, Pere Moles Palleja held a draw with Black against Robert Vercammen (1949). A dynamic middle game petered out when the opponents arrived to an ending with opposite colored-bishops: 2-3. Shortly after the time control Frank Hoffmeister equalized the scored with a White win over Peter Mangelschots (2129) on board 5. He gained a small positional plus after the opening and then pressed for a win by opening up the position for his bishop pair. In time trouble, Black first lost a pawn and after a few accurate White moves also the game: 3-3. So eyes turned to the 3rd and 4th board, where Matija Suskovic and Svetlozar Andreev were facing Philip Vanpary (2174) and Rafael de Conninck (2148), respectively. Svet was passive but solid throughout the entire game with Black. Just when he seemed to have come to an equal rook ending, though, White again got the advantage and gained a pawn. Svet tried to free himself, but when he allowed the exchange of rooks the pawn ending was lost: 3-4. Matija had played a wild game with his white Queen entering on b7 to take a rook on a8, but apparently this was never possible as afterwards the Queen might have been trapped. Black pocketed two pawns in the complications, but Mattija came back when his opponent blundered piece. At the end, an equal ending with rook and knight vs. rook and knight and two pawns each was reached. Mattija consented to the inevitable draw. With this 3.5-4.5 loss, Europchess lost its 2nd rank in Division 2 A

Europchess 2 keeps Brussels 1 in check

Continuing with the drive from the last round, Europchess 2 loaded another two match points on our ship. Playing on board 1 with White against Oleg Iolis (2220), Pierre Fogel landed an important win early on. He knew theory better than his opponent and punished the latter’s attempt to snatch a point at the cost of an underdeveloped queenside. When Black’s overloaded bishop was chased away, Pierre regained material with interest and drew home the point without any problem: 1-0. Shortly after, Ismo Ulvila drew with Black against Constantin Sunnerberg (2160). He equalized easily after a rather passive opening from White. However, given the blocked pawn structure and limited activity left, Ismo agreed to take the half point in view of the promising team situation: 1.5-0.5. Indeed, on board 4 with Black, Luis Miguel Parreira outplayed Sergio Zamparo (2075) with simple positional means. He took control over the only open file and White was unable to cover all his weaknesses: 2.5-0.5! This allowed Kristian Pade Frederiksen on board 5 to concede a draw in a slightly better position against Michel Lambert (1865). Kristian had gained some space, but this was not enough to play for a win as there was no way to capitalize on this: 3-1. Unfortunately, Johannes Bertram on board 3 with White did not add to this positive score. He got a good attacking position with White and Stephane Tannemaat’s (2076) king was forced to take refuge on e7. In an ending White’s passed h-pawn would have been easily won, but in time trouble Johannes lost material and later on the entire game: 3-2. Luckily though, Mattias Johannson on board 6 kept his nerves against the young talent Theo Kolp (1420). Mattias gained a pawn in an otherwise balanced position and steered to a won queen and bishop ending. Theo tried some last-ditch resources for a perpetual check, but when Black queened his passed pawn it was time to give up: 4-2. E 2 has thus advanced another rank in Division 3 C with now 4 match points.

Europchess 3 keeps Brussels 3 at arm’s length

Europchess 3 drew against CC Brussels 3 with a deserved 2-2. This final result could be justified by an equal averaged rate between both teams. Two first boards gave the advantage to Europchess. Edit Kollo with Blacks at the second board against Pierre Citti (1743) took a pawn in an open game and destroyed White’s right to castle with bishop check on b4. However, White got counter-play with several threats on her pieces, which brought her moreover into trouble on time. But an inaccurate White move allowed her to fork a piece, forcing resignation: 1-0. She was followed by Jose Maria Ramos Florido with Whites who faced Philippe Jassem (1860) on first board. His opponent played an opening which led Jose Maria, as usual, to play an offensive game. He attacked the  castled King and sacrificed knight in exchange for two passed and linked pawns. Black could not resist for long time to the pressure and finally gave up after 32 moves. 2-0 Vladymyr Dedobelleer on board 4 played with Blacks against Michel Boelen (1590). An inaccurate move in the opening led to a better development of Whites’ pawns and pieces, and forced him to fight for some space recovery in the center. Blacks managed to equalize but had to suffer a new attack on King’s side and the loss of a pawn. He managed to get it back in a combination of moves, but did not notice an intermediate check. This cost a knight and the game: 2-1. Finally at board 3, Ventsislav Petrov, playing White, got a very nice open game against Karl Desmet (1683), with a strong pawns attack on Blacks’ King, in compensation for two pawns. He recovered one pawn and continued a direct attack on his opponent’s King, but unfortunately missed the winning continuation. After some exchange of pieces Black maintained his material advantage, which led to an unavoidable defeat. 2-2. Europchess is still leader in Division 5 F with an equal number of points to Fleurus which has already played one more match.

Europchess 4 scores another 4-0!

Finally, Europchess 4 sent home the fifth team of Brussels Chess Club. On board 3, Bruno Gatta won easily with White against the youngster Samuel Yoro (fictious 1410) who lost one piece after the other. Nikolaj Abrahamsen also gained a piece early on against Jean-Pierre Gobron (1225) with an age-old trick in the Ruy Lopez. Importantly, Nikolaj brought home the material plus through the entire game, showing good technique. On board one, Jesper Abrahamsen outplayed with White the experienced Georges van Loo (1560) in a complicated middlegame: 3-0! And finally, Benjamin Musall won with Black against the young talent Stefan-Daniel Gheorgiu (fictious 1415) although having being an exchange down at one stage of the game. This rounded up a confortable 4-0 win and a fantastic third rank in Division 5 L.

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