Friendly match with colleagues from Luxembourg

On Saturday, September 29, Europchess played a friendly match against the chess club of the fonctionnaires from Luxembourg, a cercle de loisir at home in the VM2 Foyer of the “eurocrats”.

The initiative for the event was taken by Kristian Pade Frederiksen and Leif Winther (European Parliament, Luxembourg).

Our colleagues from Luxembourg ­- who, by the way, represented all major EU institutions located there, i.e. the European Parliament, the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors – had aligned a pretty strong team consisting of 9 players – Leif Winther (DK), Timothy Upton (UK), Oskar Bjarnasson (IS), Zoran Stanic (SI), Henri Meyer (FR), Geoffrey Stern (UK), Rob McAndrew (UK), Richard Dobias (DE) and Antonio Consoli (IT) – all experienced club players, mostly within the range of 2000-2200 ELO points. Our team was also not bad, however, led by Georgi Tomov followed by Jozsef Barta, Jenö Czuczai, Johannes Bertram, Luis Parreira, Kristian Frederiksen and Edit Köllö.

The match was played according to Scheveningen mode, each player of every team meeting each player of the other once in rapid games of 15 minutes pr. player and game. The problem of the unequal number of players was solved, when two players from Luxembourg declared they were willing to play as substitutes only in a limited number of rounds.

Whether due to the Luxembourg champagne our friends had brought with them and offered suspiciously generously during the two breaks in the match, or due to the fact that they had been practising in numerous blitz and rapid games on the hour long train journey from the Grand Duchy and were thus well warmed up, the sad fact is that Europchess lost this match for the honour of the best European institution’s chess club ignominiously. Our colleagues from Luxembourg won 5 matches to 2, with an overall score of 28 points to 21. The top scorers of the teams were Oskar Bjarnasson/Henri Meyer with 6 points for Luxembourg and Georgi Tomov with 5½ points for Europchess.

Needless to say, this cannot be the last word, and Europchess will have to take its revenge on occasion of the return match which is planned to take place in Luxembourg in June 2013. We just have to be sure to bring enough Belgian beer for the breaks to make them dizzy!

The match ended with a nice dinner at L’esprit du Sel, Place Jourdan. Thanks to all who participated, in particular to our guests Leif, Tim, Oskar, Zoran, Henri, Geoff, Rob, Richard and Antonio: Hope to see you all in Luxembourg in June!

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