Interclubs 2012-2013 – Round 3

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Round 3: Europchess 1 and 3 on track

Europchess 1 and 3 got good victories in their respective divisions keeping their ambitions for a positive result at the end of the season. The second team again got the worse of it, suffering another bitter 1,5-4,5 defeat while Europchess 4 drew their match against a strong opponent.

Europchess 1 Prevail in a Close Match

Europchess 1 overcame the tough team of Eisden after a hard fight on all boards, Pierre Fogel and Frank Hoffmeister making use of the white pieces to take the full points.

Pierre got space advantage against Wolfgang De Cauter (1997) on board 8 that he extended further by setting up an impressive front of White pawns on f5, g5, h5. Black could not handle the lack of space and soon lost material.

Frank won the exchange early on and when his opponent Fabian Mieses (2111) tried to organise counter-play, he sacrificed a piece creating a number of threats which Black was unable to parry.

Jozsef Barta refused a draw offer in an equal middlegame against Ed Vos (1999), the same opponent he had faced last year when Europchess 1 had got another close win away at Eisden. Jozsef went on to win a pawn but White escaped with a draw in the ensuing rook ending.

The fate of the match was sealed soon after the time control when four more games were agreed drawn. Tom Wiley was put under pressure on first board with Black against Patrick Driessens (2342) but managed to liquidate into a slightly inferior, but defensible, endgame where, eventually, all pawns were eliminated.

Timothy Binham got a slight opening advantage with White on second board against Joep Nabuurs (2215). However, Tim got into some trouble due to his immobile pawn structure. Black emerged a pawn up out of time trouble, but the presence of opposite-colour bishops led to an easy draw for Tim.

Georgi Tomov built a promising attacking position with White with space advantage across the board against Ynze Mengerink (2172). However, he underestimated Black’s defensive resources and made a dubious queen sacrifice that resulted in an objectively lost but unclear position. In time trouble, Georgi managed to improve his prospects and he even pressed on in a very unusual endgame but Black found a cute stalemating idea.

Carl Buhr tried hard to get an advantage with Black on third board against Jozef Simenon’s (2258) backward c4 pawn. However, White opened up the b-file and gained some initiative on the queenside. In the endgame Carl seemed to have gained the upper hand thanks to a small combination, but White hung on and Carl forced the draw to ensure the match win of the team.

This left only Svetlozar Andreev defending with Black against Marcel Frenken (2155). Svet had lost a pawn after the opening and had to accept an inferior Queen-bishop ending. He tried to create counter-chances with a passed c-pawn, but White played well to convert his material advantage (4.5-3.5).

Bitter Disappointment for Europchess 2

Europchess 2 suffered a disappointing defeat for a third round in a row and now find themselves in danger in the bottom of their division.

Pere Moles Palleja playing Black against Marc Stuer (2066) got a somewhat cramped position out of the opening. He lost a pawn and simplified into a rook endgame, which unfortunately proved not to be one of the drawn ones of the kind: 0-1.

Jenö Czuczai outplayed Patrick Boons (2042) with White but in a winning position he overstepped the time limit while he was executing his 40th move. There were problems with the clocks of the host team and Jeno had to ask for replacement of the clock on two occasions, but for the third time there was already no spare-clock left in store.

John Riksten defended Black’s position against the fierce attack of Wim Wilssens (2007). John kept cool and got an advantage, but erred in a wild time scramble leading up to White’s 40th move. Then an error by White gave John a won pawn endgame, which he duly converted: 1-2.

Johannes Bertram reached a winning position with White against Wiebke Barbier (1952) right after the opening. However, in a tactical position, he failed to see the decisive sacrifice. When his opponent simplified the position and with time running short, bad piece coordination even led to a defeat: 1-3.

Luis Miguel Parreira had Black against Thomas Barbier (1970). White sacrificed a pawn to open lines and get an attack against Luis’ uncastled king. White’s development however looked insufficient for the attack to crash through, and Luis fended off his opponent’s initiative and gained a material advantage. He had a winning endgame, when based on a calculation error he decided to give back material just to realise that the position was dead drawn: 1½-3½.

Kristian Pade Frederiksen played with White against the isolated d-pawn of Geert Vanstraelen (1866). He got some advantage, but used up large amounts of time trying to find the right piece arrangement and then lost the exchange due to a blunder. He made it to the 40th move but by then the game was lost: 1½-4½.

Europchess 3 Keep Top Position with Good Win

Europchess 3 confirmed its leading position in Division 5 with a convincing 3-1 victory over third-ranked Excelsior 1.

On first board Jose Maria Ramos Florido, playing Black, beat the flank opening of the experienced François Mertens (1613). Jose Maria quickly won some pawns which opened space for his pieces and allowed him to carry out a lethal attack.

Vladymyr Dedobbeleer was faced with an unusual opening on board 3 with Black against Jacques Gervais (1563). This led to a closed game where White had some threats for a direct attack but Vladymyr countered well on the Queen’s side and in an equal position the players agreed to a draw.

Ventsislav Petrov struggled on board 2 having lost a pawn in the opening against Bruno Goidts (1572) but managed to recover and forced his opponent to offer a draw in an unclear position that was accepted as it suited the team’s interests.

Indeed, on fourth board, Luis Carlos Busquets Perez quickly took the initiative with White against Rudy Petre (1528) and snatched one pawn after another to finish the job efficiently and keep the 100% record after three games for both himself and the team as a whole.

Europchess 3 will be bye next time at home.

Europchess 4 Save Difficult Match

Europchess 4 drew their match against a strong Zottegem 5 team. Jesper Abrahamsen got a draw offer after just 11 moves which was accepted. Mattias Johansson also made a short draw after his opponent used the White pieces to play a symmetrical opening and force exchanges.

Nikolaj Abrahamsen got into trouble with White and lost his queen for a rook but Paris Sansoglou managed to save the match with a strong attack on his opponent’s King that was chased successfully across the board.

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