Interclubs 2012-2013 – Round 2

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Round 2: Triple Victory for Europchess

Europchess 1 outclassed Leuven 1 in Round 2 of the Belgian Interclub championship while the second team suffered a narrow defeat from Leuven 2. E 3 kept the lead in Division 5 with a convincing win over Fleurus 3 and E 4 got the two match points as two of their opponents from Lessines 2 did not turn up to play.

Preparing for the fight

Europchess 1 clinches important victory against Leuven 1

In an important encounter against Leuven 1, the first team got an excellent 5,5-2,5 win and moved up the ranking to shared second place in Division 2B. Four of the team members scored wins in what were their first games of the season so well done to them!

On board 6, Eduardo Semanat Planas playing Black put his opponent Jonas Verheyden (2032) quickly under pressure with a nice exchange sacrifice that allowed him to set up a battery of a Bishop and Queen on the long diagonal. Eduardo finished the game off with a beautiful mating attack against White’s uncoordinated pieces: 1-0 after 1,5 hours of play.

Timothy Binham on second board also won with Black as his opponent Roel Goossens (2104) did not manage to come up with an answer to Tim’s aggressive play: 2-0. Carl Buhr on board 3 followed up with a victory in his first ever game with White for Europchess. His opponent Oliva Olave (2145) chose to get into a lost rook ending, where Carl’s passed a-pawn made the day: 3-0.

On board 5, Frank Hoffmeister built some advantage with White against Christiaan Van Hul (2060) but did not find the most accurate continuation in time trouble and had to contend himself with a draw.

Europchess 1 - the first four boards

Then controversy struck on board 8 where Jenö Czuczai reached a fairly balanced endgame against Stijn van Noten (1952). Аfter Jenö made his 40th move, his opponent claimed that he had overstepped his time limit. It was not clear whether in the heat of the debate the Leuven player pressed Jenö’s clock without making a move but as the facts could not be properly established in the absence of witnesses. Unfortunately the player from Leuven insisted on not continuing the game claiming that Jenö lost on time. So in the gesture of practicality the full point was accorded to Leuven: 3,5-1,5.

This incident, however, did not have a great effect on the match as Georgi Tomov on board 3 with Black was already on his way to winning a complicated ending against Arnaud Aglave (2098). White had had his chances earlier but blundered badly and did not put up much resistance in a difficult rook ending: 4.5-1.5!

Europchess 1 - boards 5 to 8

Pere Moles Palleja on board 7 turned up a great performance against Jan Londers (1906). Pere built a strong attack against Black’s King position, gained material and avoided all stalemate tricks in the ending for a convincing victory: 5,5-1,5.

This left Tom Wiley and Geert Leunis (2326) playing on the first board. Tom had a comfortable middle-game with White, but his opponent held his weaknesses together and gained the initiative in the run-up to the time control. The game transformed into a double rook ending, which looked drawish, although uncomfortable for White. However, when Tom wanted to become more active with his King on the kingside, a tactical finesse brought Black a decisive advantage. Tom had to give his rook for three connected passed pawns, which were, however, safely controlled by Black: With the final result of 5,5-2,5 Europchess moved up to second rank in Division 2B.

Playing hall

Europchess 2 suffers a second defeat in a close match

Тhe second team lost a close match to Leuven 2 and is now trailing at the bottom of Division 3 C. Mattias with white sacrificed his h-pawn and the right to castle for the bishop pair against Raf Mesotten.  When the position gradually opened up the bishop pair controlled the squares around the black king and black resigned shortly after giving up a rook to avoid mate. 1-0 to Europchess 2.

However, both neighboring boards lost with Black. Edit Kollö got a fine attacking position against Natan Pirard (1713) after an interesting piece sacrifice, but fell short on time and the tables turned. Similarly, Kristian Pade Frederiksen acquired good counterplay against Bart Persoos (1768) but underestimated the strength of White’s rook on the 7th rank and could not survive the resulting attack.

Europchess 2 - the first three boards

On board 1, Jozsef Barta gained the full point against Thomas Massouls (2024). Jozsef pressed in a position with an isolated d-pawn, but Black defended carefully. Still, in the ensuing ending, Jozsef took advantage of one careless move of his opponent.

Pierre Fogel on second board emerged with Black from the opening with some advantage against Steven Foulon (1905). Things got complicated in the middle game where Pierre got four pawns for a piece, including one on g2, protected by his Bishop on h3. White managed to untangle his position, however, and played the ending very well: 3-2.

Luis Miguel Parreira pushed hard on board 3 with White against Bart Robeyns (1825) to try to save the match in an ending where Luis was a pawn up, but Black’s bishop pair provided sufficient compensation. A draw was agreed only when the remaining pawns were taken off the board which led to a 2,5-3,5 defeat.

Europchess 2 - boards 4 to 6

Europchess 3 stays on top of division with a convincing win

Europchess 3 kept its lead in Division 5 F with a convincing 3-1 victory over Fleurus 3. Playing Black on board 2, Serge Le Gal won against Severino Pieroni (1687) after an equal opening. Serge prepared to take the centre with a pawn push, which White tried to avoid. However, White miscalculated the tactical complications and Serge prevailed after the series of exchanges as he could put his Bishop on f6, aligning the Qe5 and Ra1 gaining a full rook and thus, securing the lead for the team. Luis Carlos Busquets doubled the lead by defeating David Bassine (1548) with Black after enjoying a problem-free opening and taking over the initiative in the middle game. Vladymyr Dedobelleer suffered a loss on board 3 with White against Laurent Delescaille (1580) but José Maria Ramos Florido scored a win in an interesting attacking game against Antonio Iacona (1628). José Maria gave his queen in order to let his pawn take three pieces on f6, g7 and f8! He then went on to convert his material superiority with the help of a passed a-pawn.

Europchess 3

Europchess 4 wins after opponents forfeit on two boards

Europchess 4 won its match against Lessines 2 early on, as two of the opponents did not show up on board 1 and 2. Jesper Abrahmsen and Ventsislav Petrov thus pocketed the full point without play. Sergio Serrano Semper had to resign on third board with White against Roger Verbeque (1594) after overlooking a tactical blow. On board 4, though, Nikolaj Abrahamsen held a difficult ending to draw against the experienced Alexandre Bonne (1409) despite being an exchange vs. a pawn down. The match win puts Europchess 4 in the upper half of the division.

The two games played by Europchess 4

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