Report on Memorial Jose Tonoli

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On 9 September 2012, Chess Club Anderlecht organised the 6th edition of the José Tonoli Memorial Rapid Tournament. Also this year it drew a large number of participants: 188 competitors. Six Europchess members took the opportunity to warm up for the new season.

Frank Hoffmeister could only be beaten by IM Cemil Gulbas and reached an excellent shared 5th – 12th place with 7/9. Second best Europchess player was József Molnár with 6/9. José María Ramos Florido scored 5.5 points and only narrowly missed out on a rating prize. Johannes Bertram started and ended the tournament poorly, but got a win against FM Jan Van Mechelen in between. Jesper and Nikolaj Abrahamsen scored 3.5 and 3 points respectively.

The clear winner of the tournament was the Elo favourite, GM Namig Guliyev from Azerbaijan, who strolled through the tournament without many problems. The tournament was also counted as the Belgian Rapid Championship, so this title went to runner-up IM Cemil Gulbas. The big surprise of the tournament was youth player Pieter Saligo, who beat four FMs to clinch 5th place and multiple prizes (rating category, youth <20).

Player Elo Score Performance
1 GM Guliyev Namig 2522F AZE 8.0/9 2609
2 IM Gulbas Cemil 2395F BEL 7.5/9 2484
3 FM Tonoli Walter 2189F BEL 7.5/9 2323
4 FM Docx Stefan 2360F BEL 7.5/9 2408
5 Saligo Pieter 1948F BEL 7.0/9 2402
6 IM Hovhanisian Mher 2492F ARM 7.0/9 2446
7 FM Beeckmans Felix 2289F BEL 7.0/9 2366
8 FM Wantiez Fabrice 2349F BEL 7.0/9 2319
9 Nijs Nils 2275F BEL 7.0/9 2363
10 Ponnet Hendrik 2206F BEL 7.0/9 2281
11 Hoffmeister Frank 2211F GER 7.0/9 2237
33 Molnar Jozsef 2147F HUN 6.0/9 2089
56 Ramos Florido Jose María 1797F ESP 5.5/9 1954
59 Bertram Johannes 2034F GER 5.0/9 1946
139 Abrahamsen Jesper 1909F DEN 3.5/9 1622
171 Abrahamsen Nikolaj 1185N DEN 3.0/9 1317

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