Interclubs 2011/2012 – Individual performances

Georgi Tomov, Jozsef Molnar and Mattias Johansson top scorers of the 2011-2012 season!

Europchess teams have finished the 2011-2012 season in the Belgian Interclubs with good success. We have had to cover 16 boards in each round for the three teams. Altogether, 29 members played for our flag, which is a new record!

Moreover, we are happy to report the individual results of our players on the whole season (Games won or lost by forfeit are excluded from this analysis).

I. Participation
There are five players who played at least ten games: Georgi Tomov (11), Jenö Czuczai (10), Frank Hoffmeister (10), Kristian Frederiksen (10) and Mattias Johansson (10). Jenö and Mattias were also ready to play all the eleven games, but once their opponents didn’t show up and they won by forfeit.

If we have a look at the level of teams, here are the core players (who played at more than half of the games):

E1: Timothy Binham (9), Tom Wiley (9), Georgi Tomov (11), Frank Hoffmeister (10), Jenö Czuczai (10), Jozsef Barta (7), Pierre Fogel (6).
E2: Jozsef Molnar (8), John Riksten (7), Luis Parreira (8), Kristian Frederiksen (10).
In E3, nobody played more than 5 games but there are ten players who played at least three times. Therefore we can say that it really offered an opportunity to play for everyone interested.

II. Absolute scores
The top five scorers of the season were not surprisingly mostly those players who played the highest number of games: Jozsef Molnar (8.5), Georgi Tomov (8), Mattias Johansson (8), Frank Hoffmeister (6.5) and Kristian Frederiksen (6.5). Jozsef Molnar managed to become the absolute top scorer by conceding only one draw to his opponents.

Some players played in more than one Europchess teams during the season. Mattias Johansson and José-Maria Ramos Florido played in all the three teams and five other players played in two of our teams.

Here are the best scorers by team:
E1: Georgi Tomov (8), Frank Hoffmeister (6,5), Tom Wiley (6), Jenö Czuczai (5) and Eduardo Semanat Planas (4.5).
E2: Jozsef Molnar (7.5), Kristian Frederiksen (6.5), John Riksten (4.5) and Luis Parreira (4).
E3: Mattias Johannson (4), Luis Busquets (3.5), Benjamin Mussall (3), José-Maria Ramos Florido (2.5) and Sergio Serrano Samper (2.5).

III. Percentage scores
Edit Kollo was the only player with 100%, but for the sake of fairness one has to add that she played only one game. There were six other players who scored at least 70%: Jozsef Molnar (94%), Eduardo Semanat Planas (90%), Mattias Johansson (80%), Serge Le Gal (75%), Georgi Tomov (73%) and Luis Busquets (70%).

At the team level, there were some more players who scored 100% out of one or two games but only the core team players are shown in the list below:
E1: Eduardo Semanat (90%), Georgi Tomov (73%) Tom Wiley (67%), Frank Hoffmeister (65%), Jenö Czuczai (50%) and Carl Buhr (50%).
E2: Mattias Johansson (100%), Jozsef Molnar (94%), Pierre Fogel (83%), Kristian Frederiksen (65%), John Riksten (64%) and Luis Parreira (50%).
E3: Mattias Johansson (100%), Luis Busquets (70%), Serge Le Gal (67%), Robert Hlep (67%), José-Maria Ramos Florido (63%), Sergio Serrano Samper (63%) and Benjamin Musall (60%).

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