FEFB Intercercles – Round 3

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Round 3: Europchess defends its lead in FEFB intercercles (3rd division)

On Sunday 3 June, Europchess won again the 3rd round of the FEFB intercercles 3,5 – 0,5.

Frank Hoffmeister at the 2nd board quickly gained a pawn with Black in an unusual opening. He then swapped a number of pieces and collected a second pawn after a middle-game oversight of his opponent, Etienne Demelenne(1541) from Marche. In a lost ending, where Frank’s pawns could not be stopped from promotion, his opponent resigned. 1-0 for Europchess after 1,5 hours.

On first board, Georgi Tomov had White against Vadim Jamar (1678), a promising young player from CREC. Black seemed to get confused by an opening transposition and allowed White to seize a lot of space driving Black pieces back. Instead of looking for alternative ways to develop, Black tried to play with only his Queen and one Knight but they were easily overwhelmed by White’s centralised army. A small combination finished the game as early as on Move 17.

Luis C. Busquets Pérez with white faced B. Delannoy(1473) in an open game. After a miscalculation, his opponent lost a knight for a pawn. The players then exchanged the heavy pieces, one knight and the remaining knight for the dark squares bishop leaving a pawn ending with white couple of bishops against the light squared bishop from Black. Luis increased the mobility of the bishops and centralised his king. At the point, where White still had 3 pawns vs. 4 black pawns, Luis offered the the exchange of black’s remaining bishop. His opponent refused, which allowed the elimination of the blocking black pawn in the kingside. Thus his opponent had to resign, giving the third point to Europchess.

On the 4th board, Vladymyr Dedobbeleer played with blacks again Christian Artisien (1539) from CREC, who started with a Queen pawn opening in a London system. Whites tried to oppose the white bishop in fianchetto on b7, but it revealed to be enclosed and offside for almost the whole game. Whites got the initiative all along the game and Blacks hardly tried to counterattack with rooks and knights. In a zeitnot position, Whites missed the gain of a pawn which could reveal to be beneficial in the end but they did not take the opportunity and offered a draw which was accepted by Blacks, and this concluded a tough and unclear game 3,5-0,5

Europchess is leading now division 3 A with 10,5 points, followed with 2 points by his closest pursuer.

All results and standings are available on the FEFB link http://www.frbe-kbsb.be/fefb/InterCercles/12

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