FEFB Intercercles – Round 2

Europchess played the 2nd round of Belgian Francophone league in Marche, in a quite warm atmosphere.

As leaders of the 3rd division, we had to face our direct challengers, ie. Georgi at board 1 and Vladymyr at board 4 against CRELEL Liege, and Jeno at board 2 and Luis on board 3 against CCC from Ciney, both teams were following us at only 1/2 point.

Georgi with Blacks finished first. His opponent, Mohammed Messaoudi (1653), quickly got into trouble, blundering a pawn straight out of the opening and then going for a speculative attack in the search of compensation. All Blacks had to do was to calculate a few lines and pick some more material left on offer. White resigned after less than two hours of play. So Georgi had the ‘misfortune’ to quickly kill the game and finish early, and thus wait for all others. 1-0


On board 3, Luis with Blacks had the trickiest task of our team, since he was the only who had to face an opponent of his level, Steve Onbelet (1742) from CCC. He built a solid but somewhat passive position. His opponent took control of the center and launched a successful tactical attack on the Black king making Luis resign. 1-1

At board 4, Vladymyr with Whites faced Raoul Kuypers (1384) from CRELEL, who played a strong defence. Vladymyr had to pay all the time attention in a closed game, having difficulties in finding to create threats. But after a large exchange of pieces, he finally managed to gain a passed pawn, and then a second one which assured him the way to the Queen. Blacks had to abandon at the 48th move. 2-1

Jenö & Luis

Jeno Czuczai played with White against Frederic Barbier (1795), initiating a Queen’s side attack with his ‘a’ pawn and the diagonal of the white-coloured places with his White bishop of g2-b7, since the Black’s knight on c6 was threatened by the White Queen on a4, taking also into account that the Black’ King was still on e8. After the first time control, Jeno had a slightly better position and entered into a two tours’ end-game against Black’ bishop with his knight. Finally, Jeno gained a pawn due to the positional mistake made by his opponent in the 5th hour of the game, and with a nice 5-moves mate-combination Europchess team collected the full score on this board too. 3-1

Playing hall

So far Europchess has thus maintained its advantage with its nice victory which keeps us still at the top position with 7 points. Our closest challenger stands now at 1 point.

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