FEFB Intercercles – Round 1

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Europchess participated with one team for the first time to the Belgian Francophone league championship. Although the opposition was this time quite weak, the team returned back with the whole score 4-0, which constitutes a good start for this first competition.

In total, 160 players from different chessclubs were represented.

First of all, Mattias defeated quite quickly Lise Decellier (1270) from Leuze 2. Mattias as black won a pawn in the opening against and then a piece in the first tactical skirmish. Soon afterwards she had to give the queen to postpone which eventually came on move 29. 1-0 for Europchess.

Then Vladymyr won with Blacks against Fabien Politi (NC) from Fleurus 2 in a Sicilian opening. After a surprising opening by Whites who pushed their center pawn to e5, thus sacrificing it for the exchange of queens and cancelling the castle for Blacks, Vladymyr found the counter parade by placing well his pieces in the center of the game. Blacks never managed to castle on their side neither and were put under more and more pressure. After a few other Whites’ mistakes, mostly due to a ‘kamikaze’ way of playing, Vladymyr got a nice advantage of pieces but had to deal with two passed-linked pawns threating going to the queen. But Whites could not support the promotion of their pawns very long due to lack of material and had finally to give up. 2-0

Just afterwards, Luis won with Whites against Gaetan Hanarte (Leuze 2). Luis played a Spanish opening and his opponent responded with a variation with bishop at d6 whit the pawn still at d7. The game became with the exchange of the Spanish bishop for a knight, the best possibilities for white were looking for a closed position and there his knights became very powerful resulting in a victory after a tactical mistake from his opponent. 3-0

And finally, Pere (White) closed the score against a very young but promising opponent, Julien Claude (Fleurus 2).  Whilst following theory and playing a variation that seemed fine for black, according to statistics, Pere found an interesting innovation that involved a pawn sacrifice. Julien correctly refrained from taking the pawn but fell in an underdeveloped open position against centralized knights and two strong white bishops dominating the board. Julien tried to liberate himself by letting white to destroy the structure of the pawns in front of the king but getting as compensation the pair of bishops while setting at the same time an interesting trap. Pere calmly proposed an exchange of rooks and Julien avoided it, but unfortunately for him, the trap did not work anymore and he lost a piece. Pere sacrificed a pawn in order to exchange queens and the game was over. 4-0

With this score, our team is first of its division and can envisage rising to the second division. The tournament contains 4 rounds in total.

All results and informations can be consulted in the FEFB website http://www.frbe-kbsb.be/fefb/InterCercles/12/

Pere in action

Mattias and Luis

The playing hall


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