Belgian league – round 3

Smashing win in Eupen for Europchess 1 in Round 3

In round 3 on 6 November, Europchess 1 outclassed Rochade Eupen 2 with a resounding 8-0 in Division 2 B! Also Europchess 3 surprised spectators by winning 2.5-1.5 against Anderlecht 6. Europchess 2 drew 2-2 against Machelen 1 with chances and bad luck on both sides.

The brilliancy prize of the day in Eupen went to Eduardo (Bobby) Semanat Planas. Playing on board 7 one of Mr. Fischer’s favourite openings with Black against 1. e4, Eduardo entered into a razor-sharp position. Sven Titgemeyer (1997) then sacrificed a piece to bring his rook with tempo to g3, threatening mate together with a bishop implanted on f6 and a Queen looming on d2, and wishing to reach h6. However, Eduardo transferred his queen with tempo to g6, selling her highness for a rook and two bishops. The opponent could not stand this turn of events and gave up soon thereafter. Inspired by this win, Timothy Binham on board one tightened the screws against Sven Forster (2242). Tim gave up his bishop pair in order to loosen White’s king position and centralised both his rooks. With a nice tactical trick he then finished his attack and White resigned in the middlegame. The 2-0 lead grew to a 3-0 when Frank Hoffmeister on board 4 with White outplayed Norbert Müller (2112) after  the latter lost two tempi in the opening. A strong assault on Black’s king over the h-file overstretched Black’s defence forces. Frank collected two pawns and the exchange, and after time control Black gave up (4-0). Attention then shifted to Tom Wiley on board 2. Against Mark Kuznetsov (2202), Tom employed a fairly well-known opening line, but his opponent spent a lot of time for standard moves. Tom then prepared a break in the centre, and when it was finally implemented it soon turned into a strong King’s attack. In time trouble, Black did not find the best continuations and had to give in (5-0). The remaining three games were decided in the ending. Jenő Czuczai on board 5 with Black entered into difficult rook ending where White’s passed e-pawn played against the connected h- and g-pawn from Black. Dieter Plumans (2107) queened his pawn first, but Jenő had rightly calculated that he could give up his rook for this, as his pair of pawns would in the end prevail (6-0). Pierre Fogel won with White on board 6 against Francois van Lishout (2102). Pierre’s opponent gave away a pawn in the opening and placed his hope on opposite coloured bishops and a certain inflexibility of the White pawn chain. He even gave a second pawn in order to exchange the last pair of rooks. But then Pierre could mobilise his pawns and a bishop sacrifice did not save Black. On board 8, John Riksten then finished off by overcoming Raphael Hagman’s (1983) passive play in a King’s Indian set-up. John’s bishop on e6 dominated the opponent’s knight and when John’s King entered into f6, loss of material and the game was unavoidable (7-0). Finally, Georgi Tomov forced resignation of Eckard Roessler (2159) on board 3. Georgi won a pawn in a queenless middle game, and turned this into a full point with very accurate play. This brought the astonishing final result to 8-0 – really an incredible achievement in the second division! Europchess 1 is now ranked second in the division, as Wirtzfeld again won convincingly. In the next round, the No. 3 of the division (Liège) will come to us.

Europchess 1

The second team played against Machelen 1. Early on in the game on board four, Mattias Johannson managed to get two pieces for a rook against Johan Hernalsteen (1745) with the White pieces. The material advantage increased when the White queen entered Black’s position and took off several of Black’s pawns. Black gave up on move 33 when he had little more than one minute left on the clock. Unfortunately, Kristian Pade Frederiksen on board 3 lost his game against Danny Crabbe (1792). Kristian converted an equal position after the opening into a winning one, but left a full rook en prise during time trouble. This bad luck was partially compensated in the game between Luis Parreira with White on board 2 against Patrick De Mol (1810). Luis’s opponent gave the exchange for some pawns, and after further complications managed to get a rook ending with two pawns up. However, he then offered a draw which Luis gladly accepted. Finally, József Molnár on board one drew against Jean Groenez (1990). Jozsef controlled the board and had the clearly better game with Black until the time when he overlooked a little tactical trick which cost him a pawn. But since the activity of his two rooks was still much better the opponent could not hope to win the game. The final 2-2 brought the second team to 5th place in Division 4 B. In the next round, E 2 will face a direct competitor (Anderlecht 3).

Europchess 2

The third team travelled to Anderlecht, whose 6th team generally gathers young players in order to give them an opportunity to play in the Interclubs. Three of them were indeed very young, a brother and a sister + the Belgian youth under-10 champion. The fourth player was the father of the first two youngsters rated 2002, which was quite unexpected at that level of Interclubs. At board 3, in a French opening, Paris Sansoglou was quickly victorious against the daughter, Yasmine Selosse (0-1). He was rapidly joined by Bruno Gatta at board 4, who defeated her brother Ryan Selosse (0-2). At board 2, Sergio Serrano Semper got the surprise to face the young player, Nathanael Faybish, issued from the famous players’ family and Belgian champion of his category. He offered a king’s gambit but Black replied well and always kept the pawn advantage in the game. After Sergio had been trapped by his opponent’s bishop who gained the queen, unfortunately located on the king’s diagonal, he had to abandon the game 1-2. Thus, Vladymyr Dedobbeleer on board 1 was left with playing against the father, Jerome Selosse at board 1. In a Sicilian Najdorf, he faced some problems to develop his pieces and had to cope with threats of White’s two bishops against his rooks. Vladymyr only managed to castle at the 17th move, but then managed to equalize the game through a number of piece exchanges. Both players finally reached a position of a rook + knight and pawns each, which was difficult to win by either of them. Vladymyr proposed a draw, which was accepted, bringing the match to a 2.5-1.5 win for Europchess 3. The team is now on third place in Division 5L and will play against the number 2 of the division (Fontaine 6) next time.

Europchess 3

Selosse – Dedobbeleer 1/2 – 1/2

PGN viewer by

Jenő won the following nice endgame:

Black to move and win this endgame...

46… Kg4 47. e6 Re1 48. Kd5 h5 49. Kd6 h4 50. e7 h3 51. Kd7 h2 52. Rh7 Kg3

In the next move White promotes to Queen but it's already lost

53. e8=Q Rxe8 54. Kxe8 g4 55. Kf7 Kg2 56. Kf6 g3 57. Kf5 h1=Q 58. Rxh1 Kxh1 59. Kf4 g2


Nice start


Europchess 3

Europchess 2

Europchess 2

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