Belgian League – Round 2

Europchess shows teeth against Wirtzfeld – Georgi Tomov wins against a grandmaster and Jenö Czuczai draws against an international master!

In round 2 of 23 October 2011, Europchess 1 hosted the favourite of Division 2B and lost after a hard fight with 3-5. The second team made a 2-2 draw against the youngsters of Zottegem 2. The full match points went this time to Europchess 3, who sent Anderlecht 5 back home with 3-1.

Kristian in the playing hall before the start

In Division 2 B, Wirtzfeld arrived with 1 GM and 5 IMs on the first six boards, complemented by two more strong players. But Europchess 1 fought back with our usual tenacity. On board 7, Pierre Fogel (White) played a line of the Queen’s Gambit Accepted involving a temporary pawn sacrifice. However, he did not know the theoretical continuation, which allows White to regain the pawn, and instead he spent a lot of time on an inferior move. When Black did not find the right plan, he was anyhow able to restore the material balance. The simplified position that arose was very equal, so he accepted a draw proposal of the opponent – who had about one more hour on the clock. 0,5 – 0, 5 after roughly three hours. Immediately, thereafter Jozsef Barta got under pressures from IM Krysztof Pytel (2314) with Black in queen’s pawn set-up where White could land a formidable knight on d6. Jozsef tried to free himself by sacrificing material, but as this did not pay out he had to give up (0,5-1,5). The same happed to Mattija Suskovic on board 3 with White against IM Youri Boidman (2444). Matija got an isolated d-pawn position and tried the d5-break together with a speculative exchange sacrifice to get an attack on the kingside. However, his opponent kept cool and repulsed Mattija’s remaining forces. 0,5-2,5 after 3,5 hours. On board 4, Frank Hoffmeister defended with Black a Slav set-up against IM Robert Ris (2395). Frank had to give the bishop pair early on due to an inaccurate manouvre, but got back into the middle game. White’s edge became bigger in the endgame when his pieces could invade on the queenside, and a passed a-pawn proved decisive, making the team score 0,5 – 3,5. Tim Binham on board 1 played a very nice game with White against IM Thomas Henrichs (2475). Tim had the initiative and was pressing for the win against Black’s shattered pawn structure and the King who had remained in the centre. However, in deep time trouble he unfortunately lost track and therefore also the game. Hence, after time control, the match points were gone with 0,5 – 4,5. However, the remaining games looked very good. On board 8, Jozsef Molnar outplayed Florian Weidert (1734) in a Sicilian and landed the full point with Black. The same applies to Georgi Tomov on board two 2 against GM Sebastian Siebrecht (2470)! In fact, Georgi played an orthodox Queen’s gambit and allowed an isoladted d-pawn. However, his active piece play compensated very well and when his Queen invaded the White queenside he pocketed a pawn. White tried to counterplay, but in the ensuring complications he lost a second pawn. With very accurate calculation Georgi then transformed into a won rook ending, where his passed a-pawn supported by his rook made the day. Incredible achievement from Georgi!

Siebrecht – Tomov 0 – 1

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Comparably, Jenö Czuczai played a fine game on board 5 with White against IM Hans-Hubert Sonntag (2385). After the first time control a very unbalanced position occured on the board, where Black had three pawns for the exchange, with Queens still on board. Jenö started a fantastic King’s march to h6 (!), which might have even created winning chances. However, after almost 6 hours of play, Jenö settled for a well-deserved draw with a perpetual check. So the final result against the “ELO-giants” from Wirtzfeld was a very remarkable and laudable 3-5. While Wirtzfeld is now steering course to the first division, we can still keep chances if they might falter against another team and we keep our strong performance.

Europchess 1 - Tim vs IM T. Heinrichs (board 1) and Georgi (board 2)

Europchess 1 - Frank vs IM R. Ris (board 4) and IM Y. Boidman (board 3)

Europchess 1 - Jenö (board 5) and IM K. Pytel (board 6)

Europchess 1 - Jozsef is starting his attack (board 8)

With Zottegem 2, Europchess 2 faced a nominally weaker team in Division 4D, but consisting of four strong youngsters. On board 1, our new member John Riksten got an early advantage with White against the Nimzo-Indian. After 10 moves, he already won a piece (!) and after a few more insignificant moves Peter Colin (1877) gave up. Congratulations John for this fine first performance! José-Maria Ramos Florido increased the lead with a convincing win on board 4 with Black against Jelle Gysselink (1686). José-Maria simply overroled his opponent in a King’s Indian on the kingside and booked the full point through a skilful attack. Unfortunately, Kristian Pade Frederiksen forgot to castle with White against Ruben Smekens (1727). His opponent thus could keep the King in the middle with a nasty bishop check on a5 and created unpleasant threats. Kristian saved himself somehow with an exchange down to an endgame, where a passed pawn gave still some hope. However, Black saw all tactical tricks and finally won the game (2-1). Also Luis Parreira on board 2 had to admit defeat with Black against Simon van Poucke (1879) – after an equal opening White got some pressure against a backward d6-pawn, but Black’s position seemed safe enough to hold the draw. However, White then created a fork with threatening mate on h7 and attacking an undefended bishop on c8 at the same time. Zottegem thus equalised the match with 2-2. This drawn match puts E 2 on the third rank, but the current leaders of the division Woluwé 1 and Dworp 2 are within reach.

Europchess 2

Europchess 3 was the winner of the day. On board 1, On board 1, Mattias Johansson got a space advantage with White against the King’s Indian set-up of Cedric Sohet (1709). Mattias first pressured the opponent on the queenside and then started an attack on the Black king. Black gave up when mate was inevitable. 1-0! On board 4, Robert Hlep played his first serious game for Europchess and showed his skills against Samir Rami (1446). Both players chose a closed position, but Robert took the initiative and his opponent’s position fell into pieces during time pressure (2-0). Bravo Robert! Also Luis Carlos Perez Busquets was in good form against Eddy Dubois (1668). With Black, he faced a closed Sicilian that converted in a middle game with two groups of pawns for White and three groups for him, but with a more active knight. Suddenly, the queen of his opponent went into a trap and had to be exchanged for a rook, resulting, with no mistakes, into a won endgame. White continued offering resistance until the very end and looked for stalemate, but Luis Carlos scored the third victory. In this confortable team position, it mattered less that Vladymyr Dedobbeller on board three overlooked a little combination from Manfred Grede (1547), which cost him two pieces against a rook. Vladymyr fought on, but in the ending he had to give up with a full piece down. Europchess thus scored its first two match points with a convincing 3-1 in Division 5 L.

Europchess 3 in action

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