Veni, vidi, vici – GM Pintér in Brussels

Zita Sarody, Jenő Czuczai, GM József Pintér, Frank Hoffmeister, Bernd Biervert

On 24 February 2011, the Hungarian GM József Pintér gave a thrilling simultaneous exhibition of chess by playing against 27 European amateurs in the premises of the European Parliament. At the opening ceremony, the President of Europchess, Mr. Hoffmeister, the Deputy Head of Cabinet of Commissioner De Gucht and Ms. Sarody on behalf of the hosting MEP Schöpflin welcomed the participants, while Dr. Biervert, the Deputy Head of Cabinet of Vice President Šefčovič, and the Chief Legal Advisor of the Hungarian Presidency (seconded from the Council), Mr. Czuczai paid tribute to the inter-cultural dimension of the event and the great chess tradition in Hungary. A number of visitors then enjoyed observing the fabulous fight of the GM, walking from board to board to cope with the plans that his adversaries had thought of while he was making the tour. The grandmaster took a lot of risk, making sacrifices and displaying interesting mating combinations. However, an unusual high number of our players managed to withstand his pressure or even bounced back. After an exhausting 4 hours, the GM thus won 19 games, conceded two draws (against J. Czuczai and K.P. Frederiksen) and lost 6 games (against T. Binham, F. Hoffmeister, J. Frederiksen, L. Parreira, G. Tomov and D. Dupuis). At the dinner given to his honour and after a well-deserved round of fresh Belgian beer, the sympathetic grandmaster commented: “This was the strongest resistance in such an exhibition I ever had in my career!”


GM Pintér Jenő Czuczai 1/2 – 1/2
GM Pintér Timothy Binham 0 – 1
GM Pintér Christophe Keller 1 – 0
GM Pintér Frank Hoffmeister 0 – 1
GM Pintér József Barta 1 – 0
GM Pintér Ronny Bonne 1 – 0
GM Pintér Jens Frederiksen 0 – 1
GM Pintér Johannes Bertram 1 – 0
GM Pintér Kristian Pade Frederiksen 1/2 – 1/2
GM Pintér Jesper Abrahamsen 1 – 0
GM Pintér Milán Pein 1 – 0
GM Pintér József Molnar 1 – 0
GM Pintér Luis Parreira 0 – 1
GM Pintér Georgi Tomov 0 – 1
GM Pintér Audrone Plankiene 1 – 0
GM Pintér Nikolaj Abrahamsen 1 – 0
GM Pintér Serge Le Gal 1 – 0
GM Pintér Vladymyr Dedobbeleer 1 – 0
GM Pintér Johansson Mattias 1 – 0
GM Pintér Joao Paulo Costa 1 – 0
GM Pintér Edit Kollo 1 – 0
GM Pintér Manolis Grigoriu 1 – 0
GM Pintér Raymond van Melsen 1 – 0
GM Pintér Henrique Henriques 1 – 0
GM Pintér Dominique Dupuis 0 – 1
GM Pintér Eduardo Semanat Planas 1 – 0
GM Pintér József Kriston 1 – 0

Total: +19 =2 -6

Average opposition was around ELO 2000 with most players between ELO 1700 and ELO 2200

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Yehudi Menuhin room in the European Parliament

Opening speech by Frank Hoffmeister

Opening speech by Bernd Biervert

Speech by Jenő Czuczai

Eduardo Semanat Planas and Ronny Bonne

Opening speech of MEP Schöpflin (presented by Zita Sarody)

Johannes Bertram and Georgi Tomov

Vladymyr Dedobbeleer and Manolis Grigoriu

Mattias Johansson and Raymond Van Melsen

József Molnár, József Barta and Timothy Binham

Zita Sarody, Jenő Czuczai, GM József Pintér, Frank Hoffmeister, Bernd Biervert

GM Pintér and Joao Paulo Costa

GM Pintér and

GM Pintér andChristophe Keller

GM Pintér vs. József Molnár and József Barta

GM Pintér and Kristian Pade Frederiksen

GM Pintér vs. Timothy Binham and Frank Hoffmeister

GM Pintér vs. Eduardo Semanat Planas and Ronny Bonne

Playing hall

Lonely fight

GM Pintér and Luis Parreira

The last game to finish against Jens Frederiksen (Jens won)


GM Pintér and his partner after the exhausting 4 hours long event

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