Belgian league – round 4

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Chess_sunEuropchess 3 takes the lead in Division 4G!

In round 4, Europchess 3 scored a crushing 3.5-0.5 victory against the close competitor Eynatten 5 and took the first place in Division 4G. Europchess 2 suffered a 1.5-2.5 loss and is now fighting against relegation in Division 4C. In Division 3D, Europchess 1 won 4-2 against Waregem 1 and is still unbeaten on the board.

In Waregem, Eduardo Semanat Planas took E 1 in the right direction with a convincing attacking win against the promising youngster Lowie Tomme (nominally 1593, but much stronger) on board 6. Eduardo put pressure on Black’s kingside with his bishop pair, queen and a fabulous knight on f5. After having pocketed two pawns, he then entered a won ending and queened his passed h-pawn!

Playing black on board 3, Frank defended a calm line in the Caro-Kann against Herwig Devolder (2016). His opponent sacrificed an exchange for a pawn and more active play on the queenside. As Frank’s rooks could not gain more space and activity to play for a win the players agreed to a draw.

On board 4, Jenö delivered a marvellous win with White against Dieter Devolder (1996). Starting with a closed King’s-Indian position, Jenö was able to open the f-file and control it with his doubled rooks. Togeter with his light-squared bishop on e6, White organised a strong attack culminating with a winning Queen sacrifice, see the diagram:

34. fxg6+ fxg6 35. Be6 Rg7 36. Rf6! Qd8 37. Qh3! Re8 38. Qxh5+ gxh5 39. Rh6# 1-0

34. fxg6+ fxg6 35. Be6 Rg7 36. Rf6! Qd8 37. Qh3! Re8 38. Qxh5+ gxh5 39. Rh6# 1-0

With a score of 2.5-0.5 in the back, also Georgi on board 2 with White was plain sailing against Bart de Schepper (2045). From a somewhat unusual opening, White increased pressure in queenless middlegame against Black’s queenside. Black first gave two pieces for a rook and later on abandoned the fight.

In this situation, it did not matter so much that Tom on board 1 lost against Thomas Maes (2214) in a complicated Dutch Defense after he had missed the opportunity in the early middlegame to seize the initiative with Black.

With a standing of 3.5-1.5 Jozsef Barta completed his game on board 5 with Black against Hermann Bossuyt (1886). White chose the harmless exchange variation in the Slav Defence and Jozsef tried to bring some play into the position. However, White kept on exchanging all the pieces he could. Although Black’s knight was slightly better than White’s bishop, the position remained blocked so that Jozsef finally agreed to a draw. With 4:2, Europchess scored two important match points and remains on the 2nd placed in Division 3D.

Final result:


Europchess 2 played in Opwijk…

Edit played with black an Italian Game where she managed to have a better position and initiative. However due to some bad choices in exchanging bishops and later time pressure the tables have turned and Edit lost.

On board 2 Mattias with the white pieces had a comfortable space advantage after the opening. This advantage was converted into a passed pawn. Black eventually gave a rook for the passed pawn, and resigned few moves later.”

On board 3 Serge with Black pieces managed to maintain balance in the opening (a Queen pawn game that remained closed very long). However, White managed to exchange its two knights against the bishops and to open the game with some space advantage. After a while, Black gave a pawn to regain some space and activity for its pieces but under time pressure and in a position that remained under attack Serge accepted the draw.

On board 4 Jeremy with white pieces was faced with an unusual “Latvian Gambit”. This very aggressive line led to a a dynamic game where he had a rather equal position until he overlooked a combination. Even though he lost a pawn there he continued trying to equlaise but in this tactical game he made a final mistake that costed him the Queen and the game.

Final result:

OPWIJK – EUROPCHESS     2.5 – 1.5

Europchess 3 visited to Germany…ehrrr… I mean close to Germany, but since they were all speaking German, the scoresheet was in German and the organisation was superb one could really feel that it was Germany. Anyway, Eynatten plays on 52 boards and this time we met their team number 5.

Vladymyr was the first to win. After a pawn sacrifice on the f-file he had a good initiative against the white kingside and white’s queen on a1 was completely out of play. Vladymyr only had to worry about the clock but he found the winning moves even under slight time pressure.

On the first board Luis surprised his opponent with the Budapest gambit and had a huge advantage on the clock with a comfortable position. His opponent simplified to a rook endgame with 5 pawns with 5 pawns  and without real winning chances for any of the players. White managed to make the time control and in the final pawn race they would promote at the same time and ,  therefore, agreed to a draw before reaching an ending of king+queen vs. king+queen.

Kristian’s position looked winning from the beginning. It was good for the team spirit to know after 30 minutes that he will win that for sure. In a Modern Defence, which later transposed into a Pirc with a closed centre, White initiated an assault on the kingside with the g- and h-pawns and succeeded in opening the g-file and achieving control of the white squares after Black decided to exchange his light squared Bishop for a Knight. However, there weren’t any entry points along the g-file for White’s rook, and he was becoming very concerned that Black would start counterplay on the queenside or try to destroy White’s centre. Black, however, resorted to passive defence alone, feeding pieces to the kingside and walking his King in the opposite direction, and so it wasn’t surprising that with his space advantage White was able to switch operations to the queenside and gain a decisive advantage there, instead. Unfortunately, in big mutual time trouble White missed the most compelling continuation (a bishop sacrifice for four pawns) but even so, he remained clearly on top. Black resigned the game with seconds left on the clock, when he blundered a piece in a lost position.

The last game to finish was on board 4 where Milán played against a strange slav setup. Instead of preparing the usual e5 push black played the strange Nbd7-Nb6 followed by Nf6-Nd5 leaving the kingside undefended. White’s Qc2-Bd3 setup was a permanent threat and when the rooks joined the attack Black’s position became clearly worse. Just before the time control he blundered his queen and resigned immediately.

Under time pressure black blundered with Nxd5?? After which Qxd5 is OK for Black but Rxh7+ was game over.

Under time pressure black blundered with Nxd5?? After which Qxd5 is OK for Black but Rxh7+ was game over.

Final result:

KSK-47 EYNATTEN – EUROPCHESS     0.5 – 3.5

Eynatten has 52!

Eynatten has 52 boards…wow!

Unfortunately the 3 times US Women champion and 3 times member of the US Olympic team Anna Zatonskih was not playing for Europchess but for Wirtzfeld


Everything is nicely set up with proper flags on the table. We only had problems with the clocks – they were too small and some were not working…


Beautiful position for Milan after the opening


Luis-Miguel is calculating what would be the ideal endgame variation here


Kristian showed that Pirc is a weapon that can backfire


Vladymyr, after a pawn sacrifice, had a winning attack over the f-file


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