FEFB Intercercles – Europchess 1 finishes second, Europchess 2 avoids relegation

Europchess 1 had been in the pole position for winning Division 1 before the round. However, one of their opponents, Tour Ans-Loncin (TAL), was facing relegation and brought in two IMs, one of which beat Leonardo, while Martin got a point after a cell phone offence of his opponent. Also the other couple played 1-1, against CREB. Mark had won rather quickly against Thierry Lhoir, but Georgi lost to Denis Luminet in a long fight. Finishing with 11/16, Europchess 1 unfortunately came only second, as we were overtaken by Brussels Chess Club on the last day. Congratulations to our friends from Uccle.

Europchess 2 started from quite the opposite situation in Division 2. Ranked last, we were in acute danger of relegation, but the quartet of Johannes, Benjamín,  Luis and Luis were determined to try everything to recover. With three points, this endeavour was crowned by success. In the match against Leuze, Luis Busquets scored the first win, but Benjamín lost against Guillaume Chauvon. Luis and Johannes had to face opponents of the 1st ranked Echiquier du Centre who were rated slightly higher. Making up for their 0-2 result in Round 2, they both won: Luis patiently drove home a 1-pawn advantage, while Johannes showed endurance, winning in the 6th hour in what turned out to be longest game of the whole match day. With a total of 6.5/16, Europchess 2 climbed up to finish in 5th place!

Europchess 3 finished as well with 6.5/16 points. In the larger Division 5, the ended on 9th rank out of 14 teams. Jorge, Borin and Georgios won their games.

Intercercles FEFB – 3rd playing day

Team 1 remained unbeaten, with wins by Georgi and Lena, and draws by Martin and Luis. Europchess defended first place in Division 1, and goes into the last match day with a lead of 0.5 points and a chance of winning this competition for a third time.

Team 2 suffered from various absences and could only score half a point (draw by Sergio). With only 3.5 points, the team is currently in last place, and would need a big effort and good results to maintain itself in Division 2.

Team 3 gained one point through Borin’s win and more experience on the other boards. Also with 3.5 points, Europchess is ranked 11th in Division 5.

XIII and XIV lunchtime blitz tournaments

The XIII lunchtime blitz tournament took place on 15 June 2022. It was won by Frank Hoffmeister, tied with Tom Jayes, who had the white pieces in their game. Frank also won the XIV tournament, held on 22 June 2022.

XIII tournament

XIV tournament

1HOFFMEISTER Frank 1 11 11 16.0
2BERTRAM Johannes0 0 0 11 13.0
2JAYES Tom0 01 0 1 13.0
4DEL RIEGO SANCHEZ Rafael0 00 00 0 0.0

2nd round of the Francophone Intercercles: Europchess 1 takes the lead

Team 1 scored the maximum of 4 points. Georgi benefitted from a last-minute forfeit of CRELEL; Tom, Leonardo and Sławomir won their games. With this result, Europchess 1 has taken over the lead in Division 1.

Team 2 had some mixed results in Division 2. Despite being slightly favourites, Johannes and Luis Parreira lost 0-2 against Pantin. On the other hand, Matúš and Luis Busquets achieved good draws against two >2000 players of Wavre.

Team 3 got 1.5 points through Sergio and Jorge, while David and Borin lost.

Next round: 19 June, in Namur.